3D White Light Scanner

SmartSCAN 3D White Light Scanner

For the purpose of contact-free surface measurement of various objects, the offered SmartSCAN 3D White Light Scanner is used. In addition to this, the offered range is used in digitization and inspection in the field of technical and industrial engineering. Due to its precision calibration and data acquisition, it is highly appreciated among our customers.

Technical Details:

  • Host computer: Workstation / Workstation Professional
  • Computer interface: IEEE 1394B (FireWire®B)
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (64 Bit Edition)
  • System software: OPTOCAT for Windows From precision calibration to data acquisition all the way up to a complete 3D model (with or without index markers)
  • Data interface: BRE, STL, PLY, VRML
  • Principle of operation: Miniaturized Projection Technique (MPT)
  • Field of view (FOV): S, M, L
  • Light source: LED white, green, blue, red
  • Sensor weight: 4.0 kg
  • Imaging: One to two professional high resolution digital CCD cameras, b/w or color
  • Camera resolution: 0.8 - 2.0 - 5.0 Megapixel /1.4 - 4.0 Megapixel
  • Acquisition time: < 1 sec.
  • Turntable:Manual turntable (inclusive),automated turntable
  • Tripod: Tripod for industrial applications
  • Calibration: Carbon fibre calibration tools
  • Workstation: Industrial or mobile workstation

Dental Scanner

Thanks to the well-proven miniaturised projection technique, the new D-Station Automated 3D Digitization White Light Scanner generation generates the same high-resolution 3D data characterising all Breuckmann systems. With its new, sleek and modern design, the system offers the optimal solution with regard to cost-benefit ratio. Following its considerable success in the field of dental technology, the D-Station 3D has meanwhile been adapted and optimised for applications reaching far beyond this original application focus. The D-Station 3D is the perfect tool for the automated digitisation of any kinds of small objects. Be it in the scientific, medical and technical context or when it comes to automated 3D recording of small-sized consumer goods, such as jewellery. Given its integrated concept of object positioning and 3D scanning hardware assembled in a closed system housing, the D-Station Automated 3D Digitisation is resistant to all kinds of environmental interferences, such as vibration, light, dust etc. and thereby ensures easy, error-free handling with high-quality results.


  • Automatic referencing of the positioning unit
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software interface for the data acquisition and 3D calculation
  • Optimal alignment by using best-fit approximation
  • Scanned models are automatically merged and saved into STL files
  • STL data processable by third-party CAD software or inspection tools

Multiple Application Areas:

  • Dental impressions, deep inlays
  • 16-unit bridges, aligned preparation models
  • Dental parts and structures for implant technology
  • Analysis of masticatory surfaces
  • Ear impressions
  • Plastic parts
  • Jewellery and gemstones
  • Coins or archaeological findings
  • Small articles of any kind, up to a maximum weight of 2 kg

High-Performance Features:

  • Breuckmann-patented miniature projection technique with GrayCode and Phaseshift sequence
  • Low-maintenance and economical thanks to robust construction and protected sensor hardware
  • Compact and modern design
  • Efficient scanning at high-detail level and accuracy
  • Non-sensitive to thermal influence through use of long-life LED technology
  • Convenient adjustment of scanning objects with flexible fixing tools
  • Freely positionable double axis turn-/ tilt unit for acquisition of complex object geometries
  • Fully automated scan process without need for user intervention

    Body Scan White Light Scanner

    In the Body Scan White Light Scanner standard digitisation method, a very high accuracy and quality 3D image of the full-scale human body can be captured in only 4.5 seconds. A special fast modus with a reduced acquisition time of less than 2.5 seconds is available for analytical studies of any body postures. The body Scan 3D system consists of four measuring columns, each of which equipped with a projector and two digital cameras. The cameras provide a resolution of 656 x 490 pixels. Optionally, high-resolution cameras with a resolution of 1384 x 1036 pixels may be implemented. The resulting eight datasets captured in each scan, are processed and merged into a three-dimensional body picture by the powerful OPTOCAT software, an integral product constituent to all Breuckmann scanning systems.


    • Computer animation and computer games
    • Gifts and souvenirs, such as sculptures or sub-surface engravings
    • Medical technology and prosthetics
    • Individually fitted seats, e. g. for the automotive and aircraft industries
    • Tailor-made clothing for extreme sports


    • Very fast digitisation results within 2.5 or 4.5 seconds
    • High resolution due to eight individual scans
    • Easy and user-friendly handling
    • Automatic merging of datasets, supported by the fine-alignment functionality of Breuckmann's OPTOCAT software
    • Automatic computation of triangle meshes
    • Data export to standard formats (STL, PLY, BRE, ASCII)

    DermaTOP-Blue White Light Scanner

    Our in-vivo scanner DermaTOP-Blue White Light Scanner was specially optimised for dermatological and cosmetic applications, for precise measurement and examination of human skin without the need of replicas. The sensor is equipped with a narrow-band light source in the blue spectral range ensuring to depict the skin structure with optimum contrast. The result is an even more reliable analysis of roughness and other characteristic features of the dermal topography


    • Blue light does not penetrate the skin deeply, and is well reflected from the surface. The improved contrast provides very accurate data of the dermal topography.
    • The extremely fast measurement (about 200 milliseconds) allows in-vivo data acquisition.
    • No replicas are required.
    • Nevertheless replicas can, of course, also be measured.
    • A digital camera featuring 1.384 x 1.036 pixels ensures best resolution and speed.
    • The objective lenses of the camera are easily exchangeable and cover the following measurement areas: 20 x 15 mm / 40 x 30 mm / 80 x 60 mm.
    • Images taken at different times can be compared by best-fit algorithms.
    • Apart from the DIN surface roughness parameters Rz and Ra, other useful analysis tools are available, e.g. histograms, graphic surface and volume comparisons.
    • Correlation with laser profilometry has been proven in detailed studies.
    • The sensor weights only 1.5 kg.
    • The system can be controlled by a laptop and is therefore highly portable.
    • Further applications concern, for example, the measurement of wounds and scars, and the analysis and quality control of leather

    OptoTOP-HE White Light Scanner

    The high-resolution digitising system OptoTop-HE White Light Scanner is the result of consistent development of our well-established optoTOP system which has, over the last 15 years, become one of the most successful topometric measuring systems with several hundred installations worldwide.

    Great Flexibility

    • The range of standard measuring areas has been further extended
    • The system is available with three standard sensor bases and nine measuring ranges, covering diagonals from 50 mm to 775 mm
    • Additional tele lenses and wide-angle lenses enable measurement areas between 30 and 1050 mm (diagonal)
    • Furthermore, customised sensor configurations ranging from a few mm² to approx. 5 m² can be offered on request
    • All measurement areas can be simply and swiftly adjusted by exchanging either the camera lens or the sensor base
    • At a weight of only 2 kg, the sensor can easily be mounted onto various positioning systems, such as robots and CMMs

    High Speed

    • The patented MPT (miniature projection technique) projection unit enables extremely rapid data acquisition within approximately one second

    High Accuracy

    • A carbon fibre base structure ensures optimum mechanical and thermal stability of the sensor
    • Calibration can be performed by the user himself within minutes, thus always ensuring a high degree of accuracy

    High Definition

    • Featuring 1.4 mega pixels (optionally 6.6 mega pixels) and a digital zoom
    • The digital camera provides maximum resolution

    B-Inspect 3D White Light Scanner

    Other Details:

    • The three-dimensional measuring system B-Inspect 3D White Light Scanner the entire surface of the object rather than individual points, enabling even complex surfaces to be measured at extremely accurate level of detail: Regardless of material (cast parts, composite materials, etc.) or surface characteristics (forged, milled or polished), the system delivers highly precise three-dimensional data.
    • The scanning process is entirely non-contact and captures even fragile or easily deformed objects (e.g. made of wax or ceramic) quickly, smoothly, and at the required level of accuracy.
    • This completely self-contained measuring system is the result of a further development of Breuckmann’s well-known and proven scanning technology; the configuration of the modular designed system can be customised to any given measuring task. It is able to measure the complete geometry of an object within a fraction of time, and even difficult surfaces are precisely captured without the need for anti-reflection or matting pre-treatment.
    • Using a six-axis robot or a two-axis turn / tilt unit ensures the automatic and complete data capture of all relevant areas of the rotor blades and nozzle guide vanes, including leading and trailing edges. To guarantee reliable and precise data acquisition directly in the production environment, the system is vibration isolated and dust-protected.

    Navi Scan 3d Scanner White Light Scanner

    Navi Scan 3d Scanner White Light Scanner is used for the purpose of generating precise 3D digitization and measurement results of different sized and shaped objects. Offered range is highly demanded in optimization & production development and reverse engineering & quality assurance inspection. Due to its even monitors, the offered scanners can notices any movement of the scanner or its part.

    Other Details:

    • The combination of a Metronor duo portable CMM and a Breuckmann stereoSCAN 3D white-light scanning system offers previously unknown flexibility and accuracy to users of portable measurement equipment
    • While the Metronor duo system sets up a large working volume
    • The stereoSCAN 3D thanks to its unique configuration precisely and quickly scans areas up to one square meter per shot. With the help of the navigation target mounted to the back of the scanner
    • Stitching several shots together works seamlessly and without any need of user interaction
    • Furthermore, the navigation target allows complete freedom for any movement and position of the scanner. During the scan sequence
    • The system even monitors and notices any movement of the scanner or part
    • Thereby assuring most precise measurement and scan results
    • With a Breuckmann naviSCAN 3D, scanning and probing has never been so easy
    • The system offers the ideal solution for inspection and reverse engineering tasks on large components, even under very demanding industrial conditions
    • See the difference in quality, speed and robustness


    • Probing and scanning works seamlessly in the same coordinate system
    • Large working volume
    • No need to apply (and remove) reference targets or stickers
    • Quick and straightforward workflow
    • Easy to use and quick to learn
    • Hidden points not accessible through the scanner, can be measured by touch probe
    • Ideal combination for applications requiring discrete point probing as well as high-resolution scan data
    • System is completely portable and for transport well protected in heavy duty flight cases
    • Highly insusceptible to interfering influences through hostile and rough shop floor environment
    • System perform online vibration monitoring and accuracy online checks


    • Inspection tasks on large components under shop floor conditions
    • Reverse engineering projects
    • Scanning models for Rapid Prototyping
    • Any application which requires a portable CMM as well as high-quality and high-definition scan data

    FaceSCAN White Light Scanner

    As latest development and new generation of Breuckmann's successful FaceSCAN White Light Scanner series, the faceSCAN-III offers fast and high quality data generation at optimum cost-effectiveness. By integrating a 1.4 mega pixel camera into the scanning sensor, in particular the performance to capture even tiniest surface texture details has been considerably improved. All sensors of the faceSCAN-III use our proven miniaturized projection technique, allowing a very rapid data acquisition time in only 0.8 seconds per sensor. The system is therefore very insusceptible to movements of the person to be measured, delivering 3D represen­tations of facial expressions at remarkably authentic and natural looking results.


    • Fast data acquisition in less than 0.8 sec per view
    • Texture acquisition at a resolution of 1384 x 1036 pixels
    • Measurement area of approx. 600 x 460 mm; capable of capturing up to three persons simultaneously
    • Covers approx. 160 degrees in a single shot
    • Robust and stable system design with protected lenses; no calibration required
    • The system can be tilted for an easy adjustment of the system to different body height
    • Several scanners can be coupled for a rapid 360 degree scan (calibration required)
    • Low maintenance costs, thanks to the use of durable and economical halogen lamps
    • The enhanced software for sub-surface engraving (version 5) contains automatic functions for scaling, dithering, export to different output formats, and insertion of logos and 3D text
    • Data formats are compatible with all common laser engraving systems (CAD, ASC, DXF, PLT)


    • In a project for the Spanish company Netcam Futboltotal
    • We have had the honour to digitise the French National soccer team

    Micro Top 3D White Light Scanner

    With years of experience, we are catering to the wide requirements of our clients by providing optimum quality Micro Top 3D White Light Scanner. We offer light scanning services are offered with the help of our proficient professionals in adherence with industry norms. Moreover, these light scanning services are offered to our clients in various specifications as per their requirements. These light scanning services are highly acknowledged in the market owing to their various quality features.

    Other details:

    • Total client contentment
    • Time framed
    • Quality assured

    Tritos 3D White Light Scanner

    With years of experience, we are catering to the wide requirements of our clients by providing optimum quality Tritos 3D White Light Scanner. We offer light scanning services are offered with the help of our proficient professionals in adherence with industry norms. Moreover, these Tritos 3D White Light Scanne are offered to our clients in various specifications as per their requirements. These light scanning services are highly acknowledged in the market owing to their various quality features.

    Other details:

    • Total client contentment
    • Time framed
    • Quality assured

    Derma Top-Blue 3D White Light Scanner

    With our rich industry experience and knowledge, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying high quality Derma Top-Blue 3D White Light Scanner. Designed and manufactured by our adroit professionals utilizing outstanding quality raw material and latest technology, we offer this scanner in different stipulations and can be personalized as per the specific needs of the clients. Furthermore, our clients can avail this scanner from us at the most competitive price.




    • Robust construction

    • High performance

    • Energy efficiency

    • Longer service life

    Blade Inspect 3D White Light Scanner

    Our company is involved in providing a wide array of Blade Inspect 3D White Light Scanner. The hassle free performance and accurate results of our Blade Inspect 3D White Light Scanner increase their demand in the market. Further, our Blade Inspect 3D White Light Scanner are advance in technology, premium in quality and fine in finishing.


    Technical Features:


    • Non-touch scanner, stable, application as complex shape objects, soft materials or mold objects
    • High speed
    • German standard optical scan
    • Scan every detail
    • User friendly

    Kuka Robot

    We are successfully engaged in trading a wide gamut of KUKA Robot.


    • Low maintenance
    • Highly reliable
    • Precisely engineered

    Application :

    • Palletizing Application
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