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The Inspection Analysis procedures made available by us, in the market, are recognized internationally as a means of attaining high accuracy and effectiveness. The utilization of cutting edge technology and analytical instrumentation techniques devised by us, allow us to evaluate and analyze the measured data. Further, it provides a graphical and geometric representation of the data along with a commendable verification of possible reasons behind failures.


  • Used for knowing condition of equipment
  • Help in reducing risk of failure
  • Assisting in achieving modifications to reach optimized performance levels

Further, the measurements are analyzed by experienced engineers who then prepare detailed reports covering:

  • Current operating conditions
  • Arriving at estimation of recirculation losses of balance system wear
  • Recommendations for any changes in involved operations
  • Recommendations for existing maintenance processes
  • Recommendations for required system/process changes

Mold Flow Analysis

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / No(s) 
Mold Flow Analysis services are made available to clients, by some of our most experienced engineers and professionals, holding experience and skills in the domain. The mold flow analysis provided by us, includes Fusion, Flow, Cool and Warp. The analysis supports customer’s ability to provide the finest plastic parts, cost effective manufacturing, generating precise layouts and designs required and eliminate expensive process of trial & error.

Mold Flow Analysis include:

  • Fusion
  • Flow
  • Cool
  • Warp

Some of the advantages of these analysis procedures include:

  • Supporting customer’s demands of building better plastic parts featuring lower set up time as well as costs involved
  • Arriving at correct tool layout and runner designs required
  • Providing complete report which eliminates expensive process of trial & error
  • Allows achieving quality plastic injection molded parts at very first time
  • Achieving optimal weld line placement
  • Allows predicting short shots especially important for those involved in creating plastic parts

Die Casting Analysis

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / No(s) 
The Die Casting Analysis made available by us is considered to be amongst the finest in the market. The service priced at the most reasonable rate possible, is widely acclaimed and asked for. The process involves scanning of product to be die casted, Computer aided design and manufacturing, computer added process planning, computer added inspection, 2D drawing to 3D modeling and 3D model to 2D drawing. Further, the analysis helps the client determine conceptual base designing, Analysis & Simulation and NC data.   

Other Details:

  • Scanning of product to be die cast
  • CAD/CAM (Computer added design and manufacturing)
  • CAPP (computer added process planning)
  • CAI (computer added inspection)
  • 2D drawing To 3D modeling
  • 3D model to 2D drawing
  • Black-box designing (conceptual base designing)
  • Analysis & Simulation (stress, Strain, thermal analysis etc.)
  • Analysis for Gate, runner, ejector pins and cooling line etc.
  • NC data generation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Concurrent engineering
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