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Portable CMM Opti Probe 10 Mega Pixel

Approx Price: Rs 65 Lakh / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

The Opti-Probe, is a completely wireless touch probe measuring system.

Using the latest computer vision technology, our high resolution camera tracks the position of the lightweight and wireless handheld

touch probe. The probe is tracked within an expandable measuring volume, with a high degree of accuracy. It measures large volume

components and assemblies on site. This can be done by placing the Opti-Probe into a convenient measuring location. The user then

simply lifts the hand-held probe and measures the critical dimensions quickly and without fuss.

The Opti-Probe system is highly flexible and can be configured to your specific requirements. Do you need to measure a much larger

component? No problem, simply add an extra camera to expand your measuring capability. Need slightly higher accuracy for a special

project? By combining two cameras together you can set up the system for greater measuring accuracy.




Single camera system:


• Wireless probing


• Expandable measuring volume


• Volumetric accuracy from 110 microns


• Single point repeatability from 40 microns


• Can be fully calibrated by user in 15 minutes


Multi-camera system:


This has all the same standard features as the single camera


system with these additional benefits:


• Can be configured for increased measuring volume


• Can be configured for higher accuracy


• Eliminates the need for leap-frogging larger parts or




Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CreativeP02
  • Port of Dispatch: UK
  • Production Capacity: 20
  • Delivery Time: 3 Months

Inspec Vision Planer System

InspecVision’s Planar system has been designed specifically for speed, accuracy and ease of use. The 2D process can measure every

feature completely. Planar can produce multiple report types automatically with minimal input from the operator. To inspect, the operator

places the part on the measurement surface and with a single click or scan of a barcode, Planar will:

• Import the CAD file for the part

• Extract the relevant profile data

• Extract all dimensions and tolerance data from the layers

• Use this information to generate reports automatically

• Measure the part

• Fill in reports with measured data, nominal data, tolerance information

and will indicate all PASS/FAIL items

• Display and optionally print a colour deviation diagram comparing CAD

information to measurement data

• Output SPC data for analysis


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CreativeP01
  • Port of Dispatch: UK
  • Production Capacity: 20
  • Delivery Time: 3 Months

3d Scanner with Probing


3D Scanner with Probing

The Opti-Scan 20 Mega Pixel is a non-contact white light scanning system consisting of a projector and a high resolution camera mounted side by side. Scans are achieved by projecting a series of stripes onto the part. These stripes are then captured with the camera and the images analysed to produce a 3D point cloud of the scanned surface.

Each point cloud is made up of millions of individual measurement points or (x,y,z) coordinates and directional or normal data (i,j,k).

The Opti-Scan outputs the ultra high resolution point clouds into a number of different file types, which can be used in virtually any 3D inspection or reverse engineering software package.

The InspecVision OptiScan systems use our patented technology to create both surface and edge measurements achieving unprecedented levels of accuracy.

3D Inspection & Reverse Engg

Once a component has been scanned and the point cloud generated, the data can be used to quickly inspect critical features, or to accurately reverse engineer the part.

There are a variety of software packages available that allow the user to:

• Compare the measurements to the nominal CAD solid model and create a colour coded deviation map of the errors in 3D

• Measure and compare the size of 2D and/or 3D positions of geometric entities such as holes, slots, cylinders etc, against CAD nominals

• Measure bend angles in sheet metal parts and lengths of folded tabs etc

• Create and analyse cross sections of the part

• Perform GD&T analysis

• Create customised formatted inspection reports

• Reverse engineer free-form surfaces and geometric entities from the point cloud data back to a variety of native CAD formats

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