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White Light Scanning Services

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

We are a leading service provider of the highly sophisticated White Light Scanning services. This high-end next generation technologically advanced scanner uses a dual camera which sheds out white-light to scan the product. This technique is basically used to further get an enhanced resolution of the scanned product. The Light Scanning service which we offer is designed to take less time to deliver the output mainly because of large size of the scanner head.


  • Sophisticated machines used
  • Gives an enhanced output
  • Next generation technology

Product Concept Services

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / No(s) 
In order to provide the finest Product Concept Services to our clients, we engage in the utilization of quality resources, in accordance with the set industry norms and guidelines. This ensures the service’s standard of quality. Further, the offered range, for reasons of quality maintenance, is executed in a timely manner and is priced at the most reasonable rate possible.

Other Details:

  • Timely execution
  • Quality resources used
  • Reasonable pricing

Product Part Detailing

Product Part Detailing is taken care of by some of our most experienced professionals, who have been equipped with the latest technical support, in an attempt to offer the finest. Our rich experience in the domain, has helped us in coming up with advantageous techniques of creating innovative products that work. Our utilization of integrated CAD/CAM system allows us in developing suitable solutions from the stage of genesis to execution. Our experienced development professionals also hold expertise to work in limited time, in the most cost effective manner. The service is further widely appreciated for its highly maintained standard of quality and timely delivery.


  • Product design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Virtual prototyping

Other Details:

  • Sheet metal parts
  • Die casting parts
  • Rubber parts
  • Forge parts
  • All mechanical parts

Reverse Engineering Services

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Unit 
3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering Services

Creative Tools has rich experience of 3D Scanning, Reverse Engg, Class A Surfacing, Mold Flow, 3D Printing Services.

Product Designing Services

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Number 
We are considered in the market to be one of one of the leading providers of this commendable range of Product Designing Services. The offered services are made available to clients, as per the set industry norms and guidelines, utilizing the finest resources. To provide maximum satisfaction, the services are customized, executed punctually and is priced quite reasonably.

Other Details:

  • Timely execution
  • Quality resources used
  • Reasonable pricing

Class A Surfacing

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / No(s) 
The contemporary world states, Class A Surfacing as an art form. But with the right tools the work is smoother and makes a world of difference to the final product. For our surface modeling projects we use the software ICEMSurf. ICEMSurf is regarded as a premier providers of Class-A surfacing tool. ICEM’s can be easily defined, as its surface analysis tool. Surface sections, curvature sections, curvature plots and highlight plots are just a few of the other quality features of this modeler. Further, the most powerful feature ICEM provides is that, the changes made to the surface by the modeler, are plotted, updated and reported in real time.

Product Part Design

Approx Price: Rs 7,500 / Unit 
The Product Part Design services, offers a superior range of design support for Plastic Parts, Die Casting Parts and Sheet Metal Parts used in different domains. We hold expertise in coming up with innovative ideas and meeting the demands of new products and have support for effective generation and development of ideas, matching the standards, guidelines and demand of the market. Our product designers conceptualize ideas using support of digital tools which allows the professionals to visualize and design, in the most effective and efficient possible manner.


  • Experienced team of designers/field experts to handle product design support services
  • Expertise in creating mock prototypes to understand the design parameters better
  • Handling the processes involving product analysis, concept and synthesis to come up with best product design solutions

Range Handled:

  • Plastic Parts
  • Die Casting Parts
  • Sheet Metal Parts
  • Rubber Parts
  • Forge Parts
  • All Type of Mechanical Parts

Product Concept

Our domain expertise and experience of the manufacturing processes, has helped us create and define innovative Product Concept that work. Using the highly developed and integrated CAD/CAM system we create ideas for finished products. This includes product design, rapid prototyping and virtual prototyping. Our Development Engineers work to meet the client’s requirement, in the most cost effective and punctual manner. This enables the customers, to get the finest line of product into the market in the shortest of time span.

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering Service

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Unit 
The need for converting concept models into 2D drawing of physical objects Data manipulation of an existing product is taken care of by our highly developed and advanced Reverse Engineering service. Tools like Renishaw Cyclone Scanner and conventional measuring instruments like digital venier-scale, micrometers, microscopes & gauges are used for providing this. An analogue scanning probe is commanded to trace the counters, on the entire unknown surface. During this process, the system keeps a record of the information on the surface in a numeric form. The data may then be used to create CNC programs to recreate a replica or geometric representation of the shapes. Options of exporting the data into various CAD/CAM systems, for detailed processing, are also available.

3D Designing Service

3 D Breuckmann White Light Scanning

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / No(s) 
3 D Breuckmann White Light Scanning is the process used for scanning of a collection of high density data. The 3 dimensional processes have been divided into several steps such as, highly accurate surface measurement, using white light scanner with associated gear.  This speeds up the process. The white light scanning system also makes use of advanced fringe projection technology, which facilitates the extensive capturing of complex surfaces along with simultaneous measurements of large portion in a single view. Further, the product is widely praised for its ability to capture millions of points in each image, fast action digitizing system, portable natures and at the same time require no mechanical positioning device.


  • White light scanner is precision designed for allowing quick change of lens objectives
  • The flexible system allows measuring of very small to large objects
  • Large scale digitizing of gearbox
  • Standard model range providing field of view for measuring rectangular patch in diagonal lengths
  • Custom models providing diagonal measurement that is also greater in size
  • Allowing high accuracy scans created over large areas through combination of white light scanning with photo-grammetry/positioning systems

Drawing Scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning Services

Product Part Styling

Approx Price: Rs 25,000 / No(s) 
The Product Part Styling service offered by us is handled by the most experienced team of professionals having extensive knowledge and expertise in offering support as determined and desired by the customers. Their experts are highly adaptable and provide solution-centric service solutions to match up with the detailed demands of the market. The holistic approach applied for the developing of product research facilities, allow creativity as a part of the design and mold steps to provide a definite shape to the ideas.


  • Ease of assembly
  • Maintenance
  • Production constraints
  • Cost constraints
  • Time constraints

Some of the industry segments where the services are offered include:

  • Consumer goods
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Office ware products
  • Medical Products
  • Office automation products
  • Security Products

Mold Design

Approx Price: Rs 35,000 / Piece 
Advanced technology along with a team of experienced professionals and a highly developed process, helps us provide maximum satisfaction to our clients. In addition to the Mold Design made available by us in the market, we work on its quality, delivery system and cost effectiveness. The modernized tools and resources used in its making, ensures the product’s standard of quality. For reasons of providing the product with high level of efficiency, we engage in the utilization of highly advanced mold design technology.

Surfacing Class Services

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / No(s) 
Made available in the market at the most reasonable rate possible, the range of Surfacing Class Services made available by us in the market, is widely praised and preferred. The service customized as per the client’s needs, is made available in compliance with the norms and guidelines of the industry. This and the utilization of the finest resources, has helped maintain the quality of this range.

Other Details:

  • Market leading pricing
  • Quality resources used
  • Punctual execution
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